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Services & Programs

Our educational programs range from individualized academic support to self-motivation cultivation, empower students to reach their educational pursuits, encourage intellectual curiosity and promote academic excellence. All programs are designed to support students at every stage of their educational development. 

Academic Support Programs

  • 6:1 Private Academic Support

  • Personalized Learning Plan

  • Academic Performance On-going Supervision


Enrichment Programs

  • STEM 

  • Math Club

  • Creative Writing Workshop

  • Public Speaking and Debate

  • YA Novelist & Poets

  • Young Musician Showcase

  • Reading Buddies Club

  • Youth Athlete Elite 

  • Leadership Empowerment

  • Learning Skill Development

  • Time Management & Organizational Techniques

  • Social Skills and Mindset

  • Money Smart Investment Club

  • Manner and Etiquette for Children


Educational Advisory

  • Education & Career Planing 

  • University Application Guidance and Advisory

  • Private Education Advisory

  • International Students Education Services

  • Extra Curricular Guidance and On-going Support

  • Competitions Coach

  • Master Lecturer​ Coordination

  • Talent Incubator & Management 

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